Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Romper Suit from Dana's Diaper Cover Pattern

On an earlier post, I wrote about baby pants and knickers. I have used Dana's Perfect Diaper Cover pattern and tutorial to make romper suits, too - works perfectly. You can find her pattern and tutorial here. Footnote 2015 - she has a revised pattern now but it is also on her website.

All I did was extend the height of the waist to armpit level (by measuring the baby!) and adjusted the 'waist' elastic to chest size.  Bright yellow double-fold bias tape went round the legs and top edge to form a casing for the elastic. Then I added four straps, two front and two back, to make tie shoulders.

I love this material, it's bright with weird monsters or gonk-like creatures on it. So I also added a little pocket at the front, with more bias at the top edge, and I used one of the monsters cut out of the material to make a gonk to keep in the pocket. It was padded with a tiny bit of wadding, and attached to a string sewn inside the bottom of the pocket - so it could come out but wouldn't get lost or swallowed. Though of course it did get a good chewing, and eventually the tumble dryer did for it. Never mind, it provided a nice outfit for sunny days. 

I will certainly use the method again next summer. Maybe I won't bother with a pocket accessory!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Baby Pants and Knickers

I've now made a number of matching knickers or pants for baby dresses. I've used two different free-on-the-internet patterns:

  • Dana's pattern for the Perfect Diaper Cover - that's a nappy cover, for people outside North America, but it's basically a nice pair of knickers big enough to hide a nappy.
  • Baby bloomers from Lazy Seamstress
Both of these  are good, for different reasons. The one I have used most is Dana's pattern for a Perfect Diaper Cover, which gives a free tutorial, and comes in 4 different sizes. Thank you so much to Dana. If you plan to use her pattern and tutorial, it's well worth while to read some of the comments. Like some other people, I found the sizes a little bit small (measure the baby!) so I drew and cut in between the size lines. You could also make the waistband a bit higher if you wanted to cover all of the nappy. Dana points out that sewing round the leg holes is a bit fiddly, it is easier if you make the version with bias tape. But persevere, it works with a bit of fiddling! (Since I wrote this she has updated the pattern to try and remove this problem.)