Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why Do I Want to Sew? - an Intermezzo

I'm not really quite such a New Grandma any more, the three granddaughters are growing fast. We've had one second birthday, one first birthday, and another second birthday very soon. But I still love to sew for the girls. I suppose it's pouring a bit of the love out. I used to make tiny clothes for their mothers, too, as my grandmother and mother had made clothes for me; though for them, as well as loving to do so, it was at least in part out of necessity in those days. But my own efforts at baby nightdresses for my daughters soon dwindled out, as I went back to work, and there just wasn't any time, and as teenagers they were less interested in having clothes made anyway, than having someone who might be persuaded to do running repairs on a favourite pair of jeans. Suddenly, they were grown up with children of their own. And my mother long past. Now, I have more time, and the old sewing machine was resuscitated (and a new one purchased) almost as soon as my first daughter was pregnant.

It's been a sad time recently, as we have not long had my mother-in-law's funeral. A wonderful woman much loved by all her five grandchildren, in the UK and far away in Australia. She was 94, and as people say, she had a good innings. But the saddest thing is that for the last few years, she suffered from dementia, and in the end could barely remember who her children and grandchildren were - though she still loved to hold her little great-granddaughters, with the idea that they were in some way connected with her. Fortunately, her grandchildren still have wonderful memories of her as an active women in the prime of her life, who pushed them on their tricycles, cuddled them when they fell over, played silly games, swam on her back so as not to get her hair wet, and baked delicious apple pies.

I'm not much of an apple pie maker, I don't suppose any of my grandchildren will remember me for my superb cooking! (And they certainly won't remark on my swimming accomplishments.) They probably won't remember the baby clothes and wigwams and quilts, either, though they may have photographs - and maybe my blog! So I'll keep sewing my love into garments and accessories for them until my eyes give out, or my fingers are too stiff, or my mind wanders off to where I no longer recognise them. Let's hope those possibilities lie a long way into the future, and I have plenty of time to make lots of things. Heaven knows, I've got a lot of material in my fabric boxes, and a lot of patterns I've yet to make up!

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