Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Baby Bibs and Aprons

Bibs and aprons are such useful things as gifts to a new mum. And generally so easy to make.  I've been collecting patterns for making them, and in this blog I will give the links to the ones I've found the most useful. First, here are a couple of examples, first of a wrap-around bib, that was very popular with the baby's mum, and secondly, of a dribble bib with a pocket that was designed to go with a party dress.


They take such a very small amount of material, require no specially clever sewing techniques - and you can never have too many! So, read on for more information about where to find the free patterns.

Here are some free patterns I've found for bibs:

Chickpea bib
Quick bias tape bib
(This is the one I've used to make the bib on this post : the pink and lilac one above.)
Slobber monkey baby bib
Sew Mama Sew
Excellent tutorial and pattern pdfs available too.
Baby bib with pocket from Jo-Ann
Basic bib with Velcro fastening
Pretty bird bib

The links all worked at the time of writing in November 2014.

Here's another view of the bib I made using the Quick bias tape bib pattern above, to match a dress in the same material as the pocket on the bib.

I also made the same thing in plain white towelling with white bias binding as a cover-up for a christening gown.

And here are some free apron / coverall patterns.

New baby bib
This is the one I've made which I called the Happy Hare bib - because my pictures below show it being modelled by Happy Hare. It fastens at the back with Velcro.
Baby and toddler bib / apron
Very similar to above but for a larger size - but with strings. In some ways I prefer it because it covers shoulders better (and it is a better size for me). But I wanted to avoid strings.
Smashed peas and carrots reversible apron
This is the one I've made below in pink and yellow butterfly prints.
Criss cross apron by Melly Sews
This is very sweet, and has adorable flower detail.
Pinafore for 3-6 months from Snapdragon
I'm sure I will make this some time, but will need to enlarge it.

I've included this pattern link, although it isn't free, because it is very nice.
The Bapron
It is from Jess at Craftiness is not Optional. She does have some free tutorials, but not this one. In 2014, it is priced at $6 for a download.

The Happy Hare bib:

I really like this pattern from Vicki's Fabric Creations. It is the New baby bib link above. In fact, I needed it larger, so I extended the wings at the back. But I preferred it to other patterns because it fits snug round the neck (better for avoiding wet going down inside) and is so much easier with velcro fastenings.

It is white towelling on the inside, to be absorbent, and a stripy polycotton on the outside. Baby I has worn it a lot. It is easy to make, using bias binding tape. I had ordered 4 metres of several colours of double fold tape, and decided white worked well for this.

I wanted to photograph it on a model before delivering it to Baby I, so Happy Hare did the honours.


Looks good in it, doesn't he!

Smashed Peas and Carrots reversible apron

I had two lovely butterfly polycotton prints: the bright pink one second one down in the photo, and the bright yellow one. I thought these would work perfectly for a reversible coverall.

I used the Smashed Peas and Carrots pattern and tutorial, which was easy enough to follow. I do like the end result.

The only thing is that if you make it reversible, you have to put buttons on both faces. Given that I wanted to allow room for growth by allowing two buttons at different heights, this meant I had to sew on 4 buttons altogether.  You may just be able to see the pink buttons above. I used identical yellow buttons on the reverse face. I reluctantly overcame my dislike of making button holes (by machine), and did two - by hand. In fact, most of the sewing was all done by hand as I finished it while we were on holiday, before Baby I arrived to join us.

Here's the back (obviously the reverse way out!)

I made matching knickers for the yellow side. I've yet to make pink ones. I used a different pattern for the knickers (on a later post) and I didn't like the fit as well so will go back to my usual pattern.

And here's Baby I wearing it, with a long-sleeved onesie underneath. She's about 7 months old, but the design means she can wear it when she gets a lot bigger.

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