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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Baby / Toddler Salopettes from a Recycled Anorak

(I wrote this originally last February, but now it's October and I'm updating it.)

Baby I is growing out of all her winter clothes, and it’s still only February. She arrived one day in the baby carrier on Mum’s chest, as they'd walked to my house, and her trousers had gradually ridden up, leaving her ankles to get chilly. She didn’t seem bothered, but grandma thought she needed something warmer on.

Most of the shops are now mainly carrying their summer ranges, and it’s quite late in the season to buy clothes she will probably have outgrown by next winter. Seems like a real waste to buy expensive snowsuits to be used for what might only be two or three weeks more of cold weather. She’s got cosy anoraks, so it’s really the exposure for her legs.

So newgrandmawhowantstosew decided to make her some salopettes.

Below, you can find out how I made them. This photo has been taken 8 months later, when they have started to get a bit small. But, as you'll read below, I designed them with room for growth, so I'll now make a minor modification and hopefully they'll do her for at least part of this winter, too.