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About Me

I'm a very happy (and still fairly new) grandmother of 3 4! baby girls. This inspired me to get out my old sewing machine, and search the web for ideas for making clothes and other things for the new babies. And start blogging about it!

I should point out that where people provide free patterns, this is on the basis that their designs should not be used commercially, i.e. they are for personal use only. (And that includes me, where I provide a pattern.) It's not fair when people are generous enough to share with other like-minded people, that their kindness should be taken advantage of. All of my efforts have been to make things for my grand-children. I like to think that anyone who learns anything from my blog is in a similar situation, making things for their own children, or those of friends and relatives.

As yet, I haven't organised my blog very well - I'm still new to this, too. But it will hopefully improve as I get more experience. I'm learning how to give links that will make it easier to find things. 

So far, all you can do is click on the links at the top to find different categories - making baby dresses, free baby patterns, etc. Or Contact Me.

Hopefully, I'll become a more sophisticated blogger eventually. So watch this space!

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