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Friday, 3 January 2020

Girls Pinafore Dresses

Pinafore dresses are such a classic idea for little girls, and I've been collecting ideas for free PDF patterns for several years now. However, free patterns come and go, so I though I'd write up what I've found as an aid to others. I've also designed my own free pattern for a classic pinafore dress in 3 sizes: 4-5, 6, and 7-8. You can find more about that here.

By pinafore dresses, what I generally mean is a dress without sleeves which is (probably) designed to be worn with something underneath, for example a T shirt or jumper.  I have to say that, as I am British, for me a jumper is a knitted top with long sleeves - what Americans may call a sweater. I'm aware that in the US, "jumper" seems also to be another name for a pinafore dress! And the patterns I'll be covering here include some that are called jumpers. I will stick to calling them pinafore dresses, to avoid confusion for my British readers. (One day I'm going to do a post on ambiguous cross-Atlantic terminology in sewing clothes!)