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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Free Dress Patterns for Girls - Page 1 of 2

This is part of my series of posts for free PDF patterns for clothes for little girls. I've already covered clothes for babies and toddlers.  For posts on babies from about 3 months up to crawling, see this post. I've covered older baby and toddler clothes up to about 18 months, in this post. And clicking on the tabs at the top will provide you with hundreds of ideas for clothes, as well as accessories for babies and children.

So this 2 page post now is for girls from about 2 upwards, right up to 12, and more specifically, dresses, which I haven't covered comprehensively before. I've found literally hundreds of free PDF patterns for girls' dresses, and used many of them. Even though I've split it, it's going to be a long post! Page 1 (this one) includes only patterns for girls that come in sizes up to and including 6. And page 2 of this post covers patterns which can be also used from age 7 plus. Though you will find a lot for girls younger than 7 on page 2 as well, as some of the patterns go from (say) 18 months to age 8. It may seem a bit arbitrary to separate them into the second page, but my reasoning was, there are lots of patterns for younger girls - not so many for the older ones. As you'd expected, being free, some patterns work better than others.  I've done my best to weed out the no-hopers. But I've tried to be fairly comprehensive - people like different styles.

To find links to patterns for girls from about 18 months or 2, up to 6, read on.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Free Dress Patterns for Girls - Page 2 of 2

This is the continuation of my post for free PDF patterns for clothes for little girls, page 2 of 2. You are definitely in the right place if you want patterns for girls aged 7 and above. However, many of these patterns include smaller sizes too.  All the pictures in this post are of dresses I've made for my grand-daughters. As you'd expected, being free, some patterns work better than others. I've tried to weed out most of the dross!

I've opted to divide this post into 2 pages: This one, for patterns which include sizes for age 7 and upwards, many of which do also have smaller sizes; and the other, for patterns for girls up to 6. So if you are looking for patterns for girls younger than 7, do have a look on this page, but you might also want to go back to Page 1, with patterns for girls up to 6. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Free A-Line Patterns

As you'll have gathered if you are a regular reader, I'm a huge fan of a basic A-line pattern, I think it's the most versatile. See what I mean on this post

 However, some of the free A-line PDF patterns that I used to use no longer seem to be available, or if they are, they are not supported. Either that, or the girls have outgrown the sizes available. Most of the dresses I made last year have used a pattern I've designed, drawn on newspaper. So I will shortly be putting my own pattern on the blog, it will be free, and will have a number of sizes. In the meantime, here are some I have used, they may work for you. 

Let's talk pockets - and some free pocket templates

As well as having a practical purpose, pockets can be a great decorative feature for children's clothes. And kids love them. It's very easy to design pockets, but in case you don't want to design your own, I have some templates for you. 

Here's a little pair of reversible trousers in age 9-12 months. I made them so the pocket on each face would be on the left leg. These were tiny pockets, each just a simple rectangle with the edges turned in - just big enough to get a little Duplo figure in, for example, or a little dinosaur.

And these little plasticized toddler play aprons each have a single layer round-bottomed pocket attached, edged with double-fold bias binding tape. Useful for putting the crayons in, or mixing spoons while baking!

To get more pocket ideas, or to find about more about how to make pockets, and to find my templates, read on!

Friday, 1 November 2019

More about play-suits

Two new play-suits this summer! 

Last summer, I had made play-suits, on request, for two of my grand-daughters. It takes a lot to persuade them into dresses, especially the older one. Something they could actually play in, and climb trees in, and run about in, was what they wanted. So I had come up with a design for play-suitsThese evolved as I made them, and I've learned more while making the two new ones. This was the first one I made, from 100% cotton. The second one was better, and was made of a knit fabric. In fact, the knit version was still in wear this summer. 

But by this summer, the larger 100% cotton one was completely outgrown, and the smaller knit one, though still chosen often to wear, was also really getting tight in the body length. (The knit one from last summer is on the right in the picture below - she still liked wearing it but it wasn't really that comfortable. One of the two new ones from this summer is on the left.) 

To find out how I made these new play-suits, read on.