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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Clothes for Premature Babies (Written in March and Re-edited in July)

Well, this has been a whole new adventure.  Here's the first little outfit for a tiny baby, still five weeks to go till her expected birthdate.

Yes, we are now (as of March 2014) five weeks into the initially harrowing, but now wholly joyous experience of being grandparents to a very premature granddaughter. It has been delightful watching her develop from a tiny, fragile being into a miniature version of a newborn baby, now almost double her birthweight. But still like a tiny doll. I was expecting to start thinking around now for what clothes I might be producing in a few weeks' time, thinking in terms of the baby clothes I made for her older cousin. Instead of looking for patterns for a 3kg+ baby, I've had to re-orientate myself down a couple of kilos, and I've been researching the needs of neonatal unit babies - on the internet as well as by observation in the (brilliant) major NICU unit where we spent so much time.

In this blog, I'll reflect on what I've learned, and also talk about what loving friends and relatives can best do to help. What you need to know first about clothing a tiny premature baby (if you haven't had the experience itself) is that they can't wear 'normal' baby clothes - at least until their tubes and wires are reduced. It takes some searching, but there are ranges of teeny weeny clothes available. But read on before you rush out to buy (or make) too many.