Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mr Potato Head Bag

One other thing I made for Toddler I's birthday was a Mr Potato Head bag. 

She already had one Mr Potato Head for Christmas, but I bought her some more accessories for her birthday, as she seems to like playing with him.

However, I felt a bit guilty, as I could see so many little bits kicking around causing a real nuisance to her Mummy and Daddy. Toddler I is pretty good at putting things away provided there is somewhere to put them. So the obvious answer was a bag to put all the bits in.

I found a nice canvas bag that I thought was quite potato coloured. That made life easier. I drew a potato on the bag and used a tight zig-zag on my sewing machine to go round the outline of his face. All the other bits - hat, ears, hands, feet, mouth, nose, moustache and eyes - were cut out of felt and appliquéd on again using a tight zigzag. (I used a small blob of fabric glue to hold the pieces in place before sewing.) I tried as far as possible to use a matching sewing thread to the colour of the felts. I would have preferred to make his trousers/feet in bright blue but didn't have any bright blue felt to hand, so the best I could do by the way of contrast was orange. I didn't have any templates for the felt but made my own, it wasn't too difficult. 

I made the eyes by cutting out black circles with a pie slice taken out, attached to a larger white circle. I added some additional stitching in red across the mouth. And I attempted to give the idea of separate fingers by stitching extra white curving lines between them. Those lines don't really show up on the photo.

Anyway, he seems to have been successful, and here he is ready for action amongst some of Toddler I's other toys.

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