Saturday, 28 May 2016

Names of Babies in the Blog

I've just decided to make a change to the names I give to my grandchildren in the blog. I've never used their full names, as they are not my children to take liberties with their identities. I've also always tried to avoid using their photos at the top of any post, to retain an element of privacy for them. 

So for the first two and a half years of the blog, I have been calling my first grand-daughter "Baby A" (an initial of one of her names) and the second one "Baby I" (ditto). However, along came Baby A's sister, with the same initial, so she became "Baby a". (Little 'a', get it?) But now they are all toddlers, and one by one, they became Toddler A etc. Heavens, Baby A hardly qualifies as "Toddler A" any more, either - she's quite a young lady, no more nappies, a mind of her own as to what she'll wear etc. (Rugby shirts being the favoured garments of choice.)

This nomenclature has become awkward, so I'm going to rename them, using a unique name for each. From now forwards, Baby A/Toddler A becomes "Fleur". Baby I/Toddler I becomes "Jane". And little Baby a/Toddler a becomes "Rose". Lovely names, don't you think? And how much less complicated than Baby this and Toddler that.

Fleur, Jane, and Rose. How I love them all!

Later footnote June 2017: And now we joyously add Ada to the list!

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