Saturday, 27 May 2017

Busy busy!

April and May have been very busy months, after a March devoted almost exclusively to making maternity clothes. A lot of catching up to do, as well as projects I wanted to get done before my new grand-daughter makes her appearance very soon. No time to blog about these projects - that will have to wait till later.

1) Re-do the seams on the pink maternity trousers (the seat seam of which had proved not strong enough for an active mother-to-be)

2) Make some new protectors for the seat belt straps in the baby seat - one had been lost, so I made a new pair. Actually, I might make some for my car. I'm quite short and the seat belt abrades my neck a bit. So I sometimes use a scarf round it ti stop the rubbing. This would work!

3) Cot quilt for the new baby - all the other girls already have quilts, so it seemed only fair!

4) New Izzy dress for Fleur in size 5 (she's 3 and a half, but tall)

5) New Izzy dress for Jane in size 4 (she's 3 and a bit)

6) A knit top dress in a pale rust zig zag fabric for Rose - size 3 - she's 2 and a half - the Suncadia pattern D49
7) A kimono style onesie in lilac striped jersey knit using the House of Estela pattern T19 for the new baby

8) A kimono for the new baby in pale blue flannel with puppies, from the Carewear pattern PB7

9) Another maternity top with short sleeves also usimg the pale rust zig zag T shirt material - this time planned also as a breast-feeding top, with a front opening placket

10) A cotton breast-feeding cover-up in navy

11) Enlarge the Widi dresses I made for Jane and Fleur last year.

12) A baby dress based on the rickety rackety pattern, with a pink bodice and yellow and pink elephants material for the skirt

13) A dress in the same fabrics (reversed) for the new baby's older sister (Jane) using a heavily modified version of the Cutting Room Floor peplum top pattern D78

14) Sunglasses case (notheing to do with babies or pregnant mummies or grand-daughters - those were for ME!)

15) Romper suit for new baby based on the Dana Made It diaper cover pattern 

16) Make a pair of my daughter's maternity jeans into maternity shorts - it's too hot for jeans now, especially when you are over-heating

17) Run up a quick maternity skirt for same (using left over trouser top from Burda pattern that didn't work)

18) A tiny circular skirt to go with bought peach and turquoise onesies in 3-6 month size - I have the material to make another but won't have time

19) 2 small summer quilts so the grand-children have something to sleep under when they stay in a couple of weeks time

Whoosh! Even though I knew I'd been busy, I didn't realise how busy till I wrote it all down. 

Sadly, (7) and (8) may already be redundant. I'd been preparing for another early arrival, so these were in tiny sizes. But it doesn't look as if the baby will be that early, or that small now! But I'm sure the NICU unit will be grateful for unworm donations of premature baby clothing.

Still on the list (4 days to go):

Baby sleeping bags and new summer pyjamas for all the girls
Shorts for Fleur
I did hope to try and make a baby nest, but I'm running out of time.

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