Monday, 9 January 2017

A Larger Toddler Sleeping Bag

This is just a brief post to update another earlier post - well, two posts, actually. I wrote a good eighteen months ago ago about a diamond pattern quilted sleeping bag that I'd made for Jane. You can find the details about how to make it here.

I also wrote more recently about my quilts for the girls, which were actually made a while ago as well. And one of the things I said in that post was that there were quilting squares left over for another project.

And here's the result!

Jane needed another much larger sleeping bag (as she rolls around in bed a lot, and the previous year's was way outgrown). So I enlarged the original pattern. This is from Small Dream Factory. The pattern is for 6-14 months old, but I used the basic shape to create a much bigger pattern. I extended the shoulders straps a little, just an inch or two, and increased the width at the top a bit, but mostly I just continued the side lines down until I had a suitable length.

I had also changed the front opening to a side opening with a much longer zip, going down one side and round the bottom - I think this was a 30" zip. The only problem was that the longer zips (or anyway the one I could get) have a much lumpier top bit, where it would be under her arm pit. I added some padding and a padded flap to go over it. You can see the flap here, and the Velcro to hold it down.
Initially I also made the shoulder straps fasten with Velcro - see below.

But by this time, Jane was wise to how to open Velcro, so she could tear it off too easily. I corrected this with snap fasteners which were harder for her to undo. Thwarted - for a while!

I also added a little initial appliqué on the shoulder. (Jane is not her first name!)

I think another time, I might go back to the upside down front zip approach used in the Small Dream Factory tutorial, at least for sizes where the child is likely to try removal - it's too easy with the zip closure at the top. But for Jane, at least, sleeping bags are probably a thing of the past, at least until she goes camping.

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