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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Free Dress Patterns for Girls - Page 1 of 2

This is part of my series of posts for free PDF patterns for clothes for little girls. I've already covered clothes for babies and toddlers.  For posts on babies from about 3 months up to crawling, see this post. I've covered older baby and toddler clothes up to about 18 months, in this post. And clicking on the tabs at the top will provide you with hundreds of ideas for clothes, as well as accessories for babies and children.

So this 2 page post now is for girls from about 2 upwards, right up to 12, and more specifically, dresses, which I haven't covered comprehensively before. I've found literally hundreds of free PDF patterns for girls' dresses, and used many of them. Even though I've split it, it's going to be a long post! Page 1 (this one) includes only patterns for girls that come in sizes up to and including 6. And page 2 of this post covers patterns which can be also used from age 7 plus. Though you will find a lot for girls younger than 7 on page 2 as well, as some of the patterns go from (say) 18 months to age 8. It may seem a bit arbitrary to separate them into the second page, but my reasoning was, there are lots of patterns for younger girls - not so many for the older ones. As you'd expected, being free, some patterns work better than others.  I've done my best to weed out the no-hopers. But I've tried to be fairly comprehensive - people like different styles.

To find links to patterns for girls from about 18 months or 2, up to 6, read on.

Please don't just cut and paste my lists into your own web site or present them as your own lists. I've put 6 years of research and sewing into these lists. By all means refer others to my blog. Also, note that the links I'm giving you are to sites whose authors have also generously shared their work, so please give credit to them if you use their free patterns. 

Ignore the code numbers, e.g. D11, these are just to help me find things again! I've also noted the sleeve type if any, as my grand-daughters don't like bare backs and no longer put up with tie shoulders either - but many people like these styles. This may also give you some guidance as to which might be more suitable for summer or winter seasons.

Patterns that only come in sizes up to age 6 

(If you are making for girls that need larger sizes, see Page 2.)

Dresses to be made with knit fabrics (Some also work for wovens - as indicated)
  • Its Always Autumn, Hello Spring Dress and Top, knit top, skirt can be woven, cap sleeves, age 4/5 (D51)
  • Ikatbag, Raglan Dress with sleeves, can also be used for woven, actually a form of peasant dress, age 3 and 5,  (D54, also nightdress s23)
  • Small Dream FactoryLong sleeve dress, 5 sizes from 6 months to 4, (D63)
  • Life Sew Savory, Sundress based on tank top, sleeveless, with waist, and woven gathered skirt , 18 months to 6 years (D65/D66)
  • Prudent Baby, Easy Muu Muu dress, cap sleeves, another variation on peasant dress, so would probably also work for woven, 3-6 years, (D74)
  • Melly Sews / Sew Much Ado, Suncadia knit dress, age 3, small set in sleeves. (D49)
    My 2 1/2 year old grand-daughter in Suncadia dress with knit top and woven skirt
  • LBG Studio, Easy knit dress, sleeveless, 2-3T. Would probably also work for woven, by opening the false opening bodice. (D75)
  • Stitching Scientist, Brooklyn Empire dress - 2 separate patterns, one for woven and one for knits. Excludes seam allowance. Three-quarter length sleeves, 2T-5T. (D88)
  • Life Sew Savory, Raglan dress with long sleeves, 18 months - 6T (D94)
  • Shwin and Shwin, Peplum Top, cap sleeves, age 6 only (D100)
  • Rock the Stitch blogspot, Peep Hem Dress, age 5 only, sleeveless, (D119)
  • Sewing for a Living, Knit dress with sleeves and pleated skirt, age 1-6, (D124)

Dresses which can be made with woven fabrics (some could work with knit also):

There are so many free patterns in this category! I haven't even included all the variations on peasant dresses, shirred top dresses, or pillowcase dresses. If you want more, do a Google search!
  • Bloomsnbugs, Tulip Hem Dress, sleeveless wrap dress, age 3. I've made loads of these. I adapted it to have a fastening with strings rather than buttons.(D5)
Tulip hem dresses
  • Craftiness is not Optional, Icecream Social Dress, tutorial with measurements rather than a pattern. Size 18 months to 2 but adaptable. Elasticated frilled strap shoulders. (D8)

Icecream Social Dress

Pinafore dress from Ikatbag pattern

Wrap over kimono adapted to have long sleeves for pyjama top

Flutter sleeve top

Flutter Sleeve Dress with pleated neckline

  • Make it Love it, Ruffle Top Dress, 18 months to 5/6, (D69)
  • Climbing the Willow, Izzy Top. This is one of my all-time favourite patterns but unfortunately the CTW web site is now defunct as far as children's patterns are concerned. However, at present, the aged up to 5 pattern is still available on Bluprint, but now costs 77p rather than being free. I have a PDF copy available, but the instructions are only available on the Bluprint version. My efforts pictured on Page 2 of this post. 
  • Made by Toya, Tunic or Dress pattern, cap sleeves, skirt gathered into yoke, 18 months - 3, (D72)
  • Sew East Being Green, Polky Nots Peasant Dress with gathered chest, loose sleeves, and pockets, age 2-3 (ish), This is included not for the pattern (there are plenty of other peasant dress patterns with a bigger range of sizes) but because of the cute styling. (D77)
  • Widi Creations, Tiered Mela Sundress, Tie shoulder straps and elasticated back, 2-6T  I've made many of these. I've found with the measurements provided that they come out very long - I took out about 1.5" on each of the tiers. But I think it makes a lovely dress.(D67)
  • Widi Mela dress in size 2

  • Me Sew Crazy, Knot Dress, bare shoulders, age 2-6, (D90)
  • Me Sew Crazy, Madeleine Dress 2-6, sleeveless, gathered into curved yoke with interested wide collar detail at the back (D91)
  • Cottage Mama, Easy Knot Dress, based on the Summer Picnic Dress, but with knotted ties, age 1-4, (D95)
  • Shwin and Shwin, Color Block Dress, 1-6, puff sleeved dress with waist and gathered skirt (D96)
  • Prudent Baby, Snappy Toddler Top or Dress, 6 months up to age 6, sleeveless. Using the original pattern, I found it came up a bit small, and used a larger size, but new pattern may have resolved this. (D20)

  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Bare Back Apron Style Top, 2-6, (D113)
  • Marilyn /CKC, Slim Fit Peasant Dress, 8 months up to age 6, (D116)
  • Sew Much Ado, Ruffle Dress with sleeves and Ruffle Sleeve Dress. At first sight I thought these were the same pattern, and nearly went wrong! They are two slightly different style dresses, both with long sleeves. Age 4 only, though I enlarged them to fit a tall 5 year old (the larger dress below). (D121)

    Ruffle Dress
Phew! Well, that should keep you going for a bit. However, if you haven't found what you want, I recommend looking at Page 2 as well. Although I've labelled Page 2 as having patterns from age 7 up, many of them do start much younger, some of them even go from age 1 to age 8. So it's worth a look.

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