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Monday, 18 November 2019

Free Dress Patterns for Girls - Page 2 of 2

This is the continuation of my post for free PDF patterns for clothes for little girls, page 2 of 2. You are definitely in the right place if you want patterns for girls aged 7 and above. However, many of these patterns include smaller sizes too.  All the pictures in this post are of dresses I've made for my grand-daughters. As you'd expected, being free, some patterns work better than others. I've tried to weed out most of the dross!

I've opted to divide this post into 2 pages: This one, for patterns which include sizes for age 7 and upwards, many of which do also have smaller sizes; and the other, for patterns for girls up to 6. So if you are looking for patterns for girls younger than 7, do have a look on this page, but you might also want to go back to Page 1, with patterns for girls up to 6. 

Please don't just cut and paste my lists into your own web site or present them as your own lists. I've put 6 years of research and sewing into these lists. By all means refer others to my blog. Also, note that the links I'm giving you are to sites whose authors have also generously shared their work, so please give credit to them if you use their free patterns. 

Ignore the code numbers, e.g. D11, these are just to help me find things again! I've also noted the sleeve type if any, as my grand-daughters don't like bare backs and no longer put up with tie shoulders either - but many people like these styles. This may also give you some guidance as to which might be more suitable for summer or winter seasons.

Patterns that have sizes to fit age 7 plus (may also have smaller sizes)

Dresses to be made with knit fabrics:

  • Naptime Creations/ Life Sew Savory, Girls T shirt dress with long or short sleeves, age 18 months to 12 years (D65)
  • Its Always Autumn Play All Day dress, 4-14 years, cap sleeves (see yellow dress above) (D83)
  • Crafter Hours Blog, Racer Back dress, 18 months to 8 years, partially bare back (D84)
  • Imagine Gnats, Knit sun dress,  age 1 - 14, sleeveless, elasticated waist. (D98)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Knitted Bell sleeve dress, age 3-12, long sleeves (D122)
  • Its Always Autumn, Waterfall Top or Dress, age 7 only, cap sleeves (D163)
  •  Stitch upon a Time,  Magnolia Top or Dress, newborn up to age 12, A-line with a waist and short sleeves, (D169)
  • Rebecca Page, Portia Party frock, newborn up to age 12, high waist and flounced sleeves, (D171)
  • Its Always Autumn, Ruffle top, age 7-8 only, with sleeves, (D178)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, 4-8 Twirly T shirt dress (for knit bodice and woven skirt)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, A line pullover dress, cap sleeves, 4-10 (D134)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Perfect T short dress / nightgown, simple knit pullover dress or nightgown based on tank top, sleeveless, age 3-16. (D152)
Dresses which can be made with woven fabrics (some could work with knit also):
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mum, Peasant Dress in larger sizes, age 12 months to age 10,  with sleeves (D29)
  • Cottage Mama, Party dress, sleeveless, 6 months to 10 years, (D30)

(My version of Cottage Mama Party Dress modified to have puff sleeves and collar)
  • Baste and Gather / Lauren Dahl, Cupcake dress, 12 months - 8 years, tie shoulders  - similar to Widi, on Page 1, (D59)
  • Purl Soho, Gathered Summer Top, 1 year - 10 years, simple with tie shoulders, (D61)
  • Elysium, Good Deeds dress, mock wrap dress, 1-14 years, sleeveless (but have made with sleeves too) (D62)
Goods Deeds dresses with added frill
  • Make it Love It,  Eva Top or Dress, 18 months - 8, gathered into yoke with short sleeves, D82)
  • Sew Mama Sew  Saudade Sun dress, bare shoulders and string ties, age 1-10, (D86)
  • We All Sew, Vintage Sun Dress, age 3-8, bare shoulders and string ties, waisted dress with very full skirt (D87)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Pillow Case Dress, one of the best of many tutorials for pillowcase dresses, string ties and bare shoulders, age 2-16. (D89)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, A-line Sheath Dress, sleeveless straight A-line, age 3-7 (D93)
  • Oliver+S, Ruffled Halter, string ties and bare shoulders, 18 months to 12 years, (D111)
  • Oliver+S, 2-8, Simple Popover Sundress. Tie straps, 2-8, (D112)
  • Aruba, Kaftan / Sun Cover-up, floaty with sleeves, 3-12 years (D115)
  • Shwin and Shwin, Holiday dress, dress with sleeves and some variations, 1-8 years, (D123)
  • Sew Mama Sew, Classic Shirt Dress with sleeves and collar, age 3-10, (D126)
  • Me Sew Crazy / Jessica Rabbit, Knot Swing Dress, with small sleeves and keyhole neckline, can also be made with knit, 2-10, (D127)
  • Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom, Boho Maxi Dress (could be a shorter length too), halter neck (bare back) with tie straps, 3-8 (with instructions for enlarging) (D128 - similar to Widi)
  • One of my favourite patterns,Climbing the Willow Izzy Top or dress, cap sleeves and high curved yoke, I like to extend the opening beyond the yoke, size 6-12 (1-5 also available, see Page 1) (D11)
Izzy Top as dress age 3
  • Little Lizard King, Verona Dress, bare shoulder style, age 2 -12, (D130)
  • Ginger House designs, Pinafore Dress, 12 months to 8 years, bare back (but to be worn with jumper under), (D139)
  • Made by Oranges, Scarlet Dress, long bodiced dress with two ruffles and long sleeves - would make nice winter dress 74cm (6-9 months) - 164 cm (age 14) (D149) 
  • Violette Threads, London Dress, 2-10, very simple design with yoke and strong ties, full skirt and ruffle.(D150)
  • Oh Mother Mine DIY - Spanish web site with numerous free patterns, e.g. A-line Dress with Pleated Front, 12 months to 7, (D156), Pinafore Dress 12 months to 7, (D157), Waisted Dress with back V, aged up to 8 (D158), Flouncy Sleeve Dress  age up to 9,  - Note that I think these patterns exclude seam allowance. (D159)
  • Rebecca Page, Patsy Sundress with flared skirt and straps, newborn to age 13, pretty little waisted sundress but with strappy shoulders, (D172)
  • Violette Threads, Lola Top Pinafore style, bare back and shoulders with halter neck, age 2-11, (D174)
  • Janome / Anne Marie Horner Paper Fan Dress, age 2-8, sleeveless dress pleated into yoke - more effort than I would usually make, but very pretty. (D176)
  • Life Sew Savory Sweet Rose Dress - full dress gathered into high yoke, with sleeves, size 2-10. (D182)
  • New Grandma wants to sew, Tulip Hem Wrap dress, age 5 and 7.

    Tulip Hem Wrap Dress age 7
Pinafore Dress age 6

Page 1 of this post has more free PDF patterns for younger girls aged 2-6. If you are handy with adapting patterns, there may be something there you would like, as well. Happy Sewing! 

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